Last updated on Apr 30, 2018.

What we are working on now:

Issue Comment Status
Horizontal scroll bar should be available when a “toll” chart is scrolled up. Using Middle Mouse Button is a workaround for now.  Planned
Some automation of costs and schedule calculation. Thinking about it…

The history:

What’s new in V.1.0 (shipped on Apr 11, 2018):

  • Some improvements and bug fixes in “Clone Routing” functionality.

What’s new in V.0.8 (shipped on Apr 05, 2018):

  • Ability to clone Routing for a part/assembly from another parts/assemblies which are exist in the current doc and in another documents.
  • Some performance improvements and internal optimization of interaction with Onshape API.

What’s new in V.0.7 (shipped on Mar 20, 2018):

  • PartNumbers are properly shown in the product tree for Onshape Standard Parts now.
  • If several configurations of the same part are used in an assembly, parts’ properties (incl mass) are properly shown considering those specific configurations.

What’s new in V.0.6 (shipped on Feb 02, 2018):

  • Fixed some issues with saving data for configurable parts, incl Standard Parts.
  • Info about who changed the Routing and when is shown in the dialog now.

What’s new in V.0.5 (shipped on Jan 29, 2018):

  • It’s possible to create a Routing for Standard Parts now (Standard Content is introduced by Onshape in the begin of Jan 2018).
  • Performance improvements:
    • Product tree is not reloaded when switch between Schedule View and Costs View now.
    • When several parts are defined in one Part Studio, their properties are requested much faster now.
    • Displaying of parts’ properties works in parallel with other loading operations now which makes the initial loading faster.
    • Saving Routing works much faster now.
  •  “Alternate Routes” and “No Routing” icons are shown even if the chart is scrolled to the right.

What’s new in V.0.4 (shipped on Jan 18, 2018):

  • Default empty route is shown in Routing dialog when the routing is not defined yet. Note: it wasn’t clear for most of users what should be done first in that dialog.
  • The app reads the product structure even when  components’ properties are not defined (sometimes it happens for assemblies imported from non-native exchange formats like STEP).
  • The App generate its Thumbnail for more comfortable navigation on Oshape’s main page.

What’s new in V.0.3 (shipped on Jan 09, 2018):

  • Improved Routing dialog.
  • Improved “Material Requirements” export.
  • Workspace mass units are taken into consideration additionally to default mass units.